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Daily Archives: November 8, 2021

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Understanding Pre-Estimates

November 8, 2021.Individuals

When considering any dental procedure, don’t overlook a pre-estimate. It’s simply a resource to provide you with a cost estimate prior to receiving treatment. Keep in mind, a pre-estimate is not an absolute guarantee, but rather a best estimate. Asking for an estimate before you undergo a dental procedure gives you the power to know costs involved before you commit and avoid any surprise bills. What is a pre-estimate? Obtaining a pre-estimate is easy. Once you submit a request through your dental office, they’ll file the recommended treatment plan with your dental carrier, who will review the documents and treatment recommendation to create a pre-estimate based on your plan benefits. The pre-estimate takes several factors into account, including your dental plan benefits, annual maximum and any deductible amounts. When to use it Pre-estimates are helpful when planning for more extensive dental treatments but can be applied to any dental procedure […]

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