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5 Tips for Choosing a Dentist

November 12, 2018.TruAssure.0 Likes.0 Comments

5 Tips for Choosing a Dentist

An effective oral health routine includes regular checkups and cleanings with your dentist. Because dental care providers play an essential role in the health of your smile, finding one you trust is worth a little extra time and effort. Take a look at our simple tips to consider when searching for a dentist.

Network participation
Depending on your dental benefits plan, you’ll be covered under a certain dental network. Some dentists will participate in that network and others will not. To realize the most savings, select an in-network dentist. This providerhas agreed to set fees for certain services, and your benefits will cover the most cost for in-network care. In fact, those with TruAssure plans save an average of 20 to 40 percent by choosing network dentists. See how you can save money by visiting a network dentist.

Office location
Depending on what’s easiest for you, choose a dental office near your home or your work, so getting to and from appointments is a breeze. This is especially beneficial for those with dental anxiety because it can make the drive to the appointment shorter and less stressful. For extra convenience, your dental benefits provider may have an online tool to help you search for in-network dentists within a certain radius from your home or workplace. Use TruAssure’s Find a Provider search to find a network dentist.

Hours of operation
Before scheduling your appointment, ask the receptionist or check online to learn the office’s hours of operation. Look for times that work well with your work or family’s schedule. It can also be helpful to select a dentist who provides an after-hours line in case you have a dental emergency outside typical office hours.

Comfort and confidence
The dentist you choose should make you feel comfortable before, during and after the appointment. Ask yourself these questions to gauge your comfort level:

  • Is the office tidy, clean and well-organized?
  • Do you have a good rapport with the dentist?
  • Do you feel your dentist listens to your concerns and responds appropriately?
  • Do you trust him or her to suggest dental decisions in your best interest?

Additionally, some dentists will take extra measures to help you feel more comfortable during appointments. This might include playing relaxing music or having TVs in the exam room. Don’t hesitate to ask the receptionist or dentist what accommodations they can offer to reduce anxiety.

If you’re looking for a specialist, you don’t always need a referral from your general dentist. Review your policy or contact TruAssure to see if visiting a specialist requires a referral. When searching for a specialist, seek information from dependable sources. Ask your friends, neighbors or family members for their experiences with specialists. For additional input, research online or contact your local dental society. You can also search for an in-network specialist using TruAssure’s Find a Provider tool.

If you don’t have a dentist yet, use these tips to find a new dentist and schedule an appointment. Visit to find an in-network dentist that’s right for you.

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