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School’s Out, But Oral Health Shouldn’t Be

June 13, 2017.Individuals
oral health

With the school year coming to a close and three months of summer to look forward to, oral health is likely one of the last things on your child’s mind. But between family vacations, outdoor sports and warmer weather, summertime presents plenty of opportunities for your child to develop cavities or damage their teeth if they aren’t practicing smart oral health habits. With these tips, you can protect your family’s oral health this summer break.

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How Does Dental Insurance Work?

May 23, 2017.Individuals
dental insurance

You likely brush and floss your teeth every day, but how often do you think about dental insurance? If you’re like many of us, probably not until the moment you need a dentist. People who have dental coverage are more likely to visit the dentist regularly. Visiting the dentist means you are more likely receiving the preventive care you need to help avoid more comprehensive and costly dental treatment in the future. Having the security of dental insurance means you are more likely to get the care you need when you need it at an affordable cost.

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Women and Oral Health

May 9, 2017.Individuals

Did you know the month of May is both Women’s Health Month and Pregnancy Awareness Month? Men and women may experience many of the same oral health issues, but female hormones, which change over the course of a woman’s lifetime and especially during pregnancy, can impact how those oral health issues develop.

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The Top Reasons TruAssure is Truly the Best for Your Group

April 25, 2017.Individuals
Main talking to group and pointing at dry erase board

Providing benefits for your employees helps you attract and retain the best talent, and choosing the right benefits are an important part of managing and growing your business. As you’re considering what to offer as part of your benefits package, dental insurance should be at the top of your list, and so should TruAssure.

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Oral Cancer: Know the Signs

April 11, 2017.Individuals

According to the American Cancer Society, over 50,000 Americans will be diagnosed with oral cancer. Do you know the signs and risk factors of this serious disease and what you can do to help prevent it? Your dentist can help spot signs of many diseases, including oral cancer, early. Take some time to learn about how to recognize the signs of oral cancer, what you can do to decrease your chances of developing it and why visiting a dentist is the best way to catch the disease in its tracks.

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