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How Dental Benefits Can Improve Your Company

March 1, 2021.TruAssure.0 Likes.0 Comments

How Dental Benefits Can Improve Your Company

dental benefits

Does your company stand out to job seekers?

In the competition for talent, a great benefits package can mean the difference between standing out from competitors and getting lost in the crowd. But the value of great benefits doesn’t end there: they also help keep current employees happy and healthy.

Dental insurance is one area in which you can build your offerings. Learn how dental benefits can make a difference.

Employees and prospective hires want great benefits

Benefits are an important contributor to employee happiness, well-being and  job satisfaction. Dental benefits can help boost the value of an overall benefits package.

Over half of employees who receive dental insurance through their employer rate this benefit as “very important,” according to a survey by the National Association of Dental Plans (NADP). With so many employees calling dental insurance an important benefit, it’s clear this is an area where your company could stand out to current employees and prospective hires.

Dental coverage helps keep employees healthy

Dental care impacts not just oral health but overall health, and employee health is key to productivity and morale. Are you encouraging employees to get the preventive dental care they need?

During regular exams, dentists can identify symptoms of more than 120 diseases, including anemia, diabetes, kidney failure and heart disease. When health conditions like these are caught and treated early, it reduces dental care costs and overall medical costs for both you and your employees. What’s more, healthy employees miss less work and move your company forward.

Dental benefits are an important part of employee wellness programs

Does your company have a wellness program? With a large portion of companies now offering wellness programs, you need to find new ways to help your program stand out.

Dental benefits should be a central part of your wellness program. With its impact on overall health, oral health is a natural fit for these initiatives. Oral health is also closely tied to other aspects of wellness programs, like nutrition and smoking cessation. In addition to providing dental coverage, you can incentivize your employees to keep up with their preventive exams and cleanings.

Is your organization offering employees dental benefits? If not, take a look at TruAssure’s plans today.

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