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Don’t Take a Spring Break from Your Teeth

March 5, 2018.TruAssure.0 Likes.0 Comments

Don’t Take a Spring Break from Your Teeth

little girl and her mother playing outside

March is typically spring break time for kids in school and their families. Breaks from school can sometimes mean break from regular routines, like oral health routine. Oral bacteria doesn’t take a vacation, so help your child maintain good oral health during spring break with these tips.

Reestablish oral health routines for the entire family

Preventive dental care is the best way to prevent dental issues down the road, like cavities. Scheduling a dental appointment for your child before spring break can help remind them to take care of their teeth during the break. Make a list for your child to help them remember good habits when it comes to their teeth and include the following:

Pack smart for spring break

Always include the oral health essentials and items that are good for teeth and handy no matter where you are:

  • Pack travel-sized toothbrushes, floss and mouthwash in waterproof zipper bags for easy use on the go no matter where you are.
  • Travel with healthy snacks, like apples and carrots, that increase saliva production in the mouth and help rinse away bacteria and food particles lowering the risk for cavities.
  • Stash sugar-free chewing gum in their bag to increase saliva production for times when they can’t brush right away.

Follow these tips and your spring break should be full of healthy smiles.

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