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Five Ways to Have a Smile-Friendly Summer

July 2, 2018.TruAssure.0 Likes.0 Comments

Five Ways to Have a Smile-Friendly Summer

For many of us, summertime means enjoying the weather, swimming, cookouts, vacations, less hectic schedules and much more. While you’re hopefully relaxing a bit and enjoying the summer, remember to prioritize oral health this summer.

Here are five ways to keep your summer smile-friendly:

  1. Use lip balm with SPF. Even if you generously apply sunscreen and reapply every few hours, you are not protecting your skin as well as you should from the sun’s damaging UV rays. Lips are the top area of the body people often overlook and exposing them to the sun may increase your risk for oral cancer. Apply an SPF 30 lip balm or lip sunscreen alone or under lip gloss and remember to reapply every couple of hours for full protection from the sun. Plus, it will help protect your lips from chapping.


  1. Wear a mouthguard when playing sports or during other high-impact summer activities. Using a mouthguard helps reduce tooth damage and mouth injuries, including cuts in the mouth and on the lips. They can also prevent jaw and neck injuries as well. If you experience a dental emergency this summer, be sure to follow these tips.


  1. Avoid sports drinks and stick to water. Grabbing a sports drink may seem like a good choice to stay hydrated during the summer, but the best option is water. Sports drinks contain high amounts of sugar that can lead to tooth decay and even dehydration. If you do enjoy a sports drink, be sure you drink an equal amount or more of water afterwards to combat the sugar. Learn how drink choices affect oral health (this is geared to a child’s oral health, but can apply to anyone).


  1. Snack on healthy foods. With all of the activities the summer brings, you likely will be hungrier throughout the day and require snacks in-between meals. Fuel up with fresh fruits, vegetables, string cheese and nuts to help keep your body and smile healthy.


  1. Schedule a dental appointment for yourself this summer or your child before they head back-to-school. Don’t wait until school starts to schedule a dental appointment for your child. Have your child visit the dentist towards the start of summer to help them kick off the season with a healthy smile. A summer exam may catch developing dental issues before the school year starts and help your child keep their school and oral health routine on track. Plus you’ll avoid the back-to-school rush at your dental office.


Relax during the summer months, but keep oral health routines top of mind. Share these smile-friendly tips with your friends and family to help keep smiles healthy.

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