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What Makes TruAssure Insurance Company’s Plans Different?

March 21, 2017.TruAssure.0 Likes.0 Comments

What Makes TruAssure Insurance Company’s Plans Different?

Dental insurance can and should be attainable for your clients – both employer group and individual – while including all the benefits they want.

Under many other dental insurance carriers, plans for groups with less than 100 employees are often static and have little flexibility. TruAssure’s Select plans for employer groups with two to nine employees and group plans for 10 or more employees, however, offer the flexibility your clients need.

TruAssure’s dental plans offer options with pooled rates for groups with two to nine eligible employees and the ability to match or customize a dental plan for groups with 10 or more employees. These plans give smaller employers many of the options their employees want with benefits that match and compete with larger employers’ plans. Many similar benefits are included in TruAssure’s suite of individual plans, which offer attractive options for non-benefit eligible employees and individuals without access to dental insurance through an employer.

With the ability to select deductible and annual maximum options, benefits like no waiting periods and three cleanings per year, TruAssure has plans that can fit all your clients’ needs. Here’s how:

Members Can Get the Coverage They Need When They Need It

TruAssure’s Select plans for employers with five to nine eligible employees can be customized to waive waiting periods, and TruAssure’s individual plans also have options without waiting periods. Additionally, groups can offer individual plans to any non-benefit eligible employees, so no one is excluded from coverage.

Members Have Access to Exceptional Dental Care

Not only do TruAssure’s plans allow for more flexibility for individual and group members, but the variety of benefits they provide — from teeth whitening to orthodontics — make TruAssure stand out from other dental insurance options on the market for individuals and groups with less than 100 employees. Highlight the following benefits to your clients.

Standard Coverage On All Plans

Three Cleanings Per Year

TruAssure places a high value on preventive care. Most dental plans only offer two cleanings per year, but many TruAssure Select plans for employers with two to nine employees and individual plans offer three dental cleanings per year. This benefit provides more opportunities for your clients to get additional oral health care if they need it.

Posterior Composites Covered

Posterior composites (tooth-colored fillings on back teeth) are a popular cosmetic benefit since they blend in with teeth. While many carriers offer composite filling on front teeth, TruAssure offers them on back teeth. This is a standard benefit on Select plans for employers with two to nine employees and in individual plans, allowing your clients to get what they want.

Select Group Plans (Two to Nine Employees)


Millions of children get braces every year, and the number of adults receiving orthodontic treatment has risen by 58% since 1994. Yet many dental plans for groups with 100 or less employees do not cover orthodontic treatment. TruAssure stands out from the crowd by offering both child and adult orthodontic coverage in our Select plan for employers with two to nine employees.

Maximum Allowable Coverage (MAC) Option

TruAssure’s Select plans base out-of-network reimbursement on the 90th percentile of Usual, Customary and Reasonable (UCR) charges. Groups have the option to select a MAC plan where out-of-network reimbursement is based on PPO fees.

Moving Coverage from Major to Basic

With our Select plans for employers with two to nine employees, employers have the ability to move periodontic services (gum disease treatment), endodontic treatment (root canals) and oral surgery as a coverage grouping from major to basic services. This increases coverage from 50 to 80 percent. By providing the option to have these services covered under either basic or major services, TruAssure gives employer groups the ability to balance coverage needs and their bottom lines.

Group Plans (10+ employees)

TruAssure can match plan designs or customize a dental plan for groups with 10 or more employees. TruAssure offers both fully insured plans as well as ASO (administrative services only) options. Voluntary and employer-paid options are also available to groups with 10 or more employees.

Individual Plans

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a popular consumer benefit. In fact, the National Association of Dental Plans’ (NADP) Consumer Survey found in both 2015 and 2016 that cosmetic procedures, including teeth whitening, were the most preferred benefit not commonly included in dental insurance coverage. Unlike most insurers, TruAssure offers individual and family dental plans that include whitening coverage, giving your clients access to premium dental care.


Three million people have dental implants today, and that number is increasing by 500,000 a year. But implants are not covered under many individual dental plans. TruAssure, on the other hand, offers individual plans that include implant coverage.


As we mentioned, orthodontia is used by millions of adults and children every year. And yet, most individual dental plans do not cover orthodontic treatment. TruAssure stands out from the crowd by offering plans for individuals that include both child and adult orthodontic coverage.

TruAssure’s plans have options for any employer group or individual. Before sharing this TruAssure plan information with clients, you can tap into more consumer dental insurance trends by reading our e-book, “What Do Dental Insurance Consumers Want?”

If you’d like to learn more about selling TruAssure, including the materials that TruAssure can provide for you, contact us today.

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