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Back-To-School Oral Health Tips

August 22, 2017.Individuals

It’s hard to believe that summer is coming to a close and it’s time to adjust to a back-to-school mindset. Instead of days spent at the pool, your child’s free time will soon be filled with after-school sports, music lessons and homework. It’s best to begin thinking about their oral health needs now before the hectic school year begins.

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Recipe: Try This Tooth-Healthy Yogurt Parfait

August 8, 2017.Individuals

When packing your child’s school lunch, it can be tempting to buy a pre-packaged treat from the grocery store. While it’s easy to grab snacks on-the-go, they’re often not as healthy as you might think. Pre-packaged single-serving yogurt cups can be loaded with sugar.

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What To Do in a Dental Emergency

July 25, 2017.Individuals
dental emergency

Even if your family has great oral health habits and visits the dentist regularly, there’s always a chance that the unexpected might happen. Whether your child experiences a tooth injury playing sports, or you develop sudden tooth pain, here’s what you need to know just in case a dental emergency occurs. If a Tooth Gets Knocked Out In the unlikely event that you or a family member loses a tooth — often from playing a sport or falling on a hard surface — don’t panic. Your dentist can likely put the tooth back in if you act quickly. After the tooth is knocked out, call your dentist immediately and try to get to their office within 30 minutes. The sooner they can address the knocked out tooth, the more likely they can safely place it back in. Before you head to the dentist’s office, either put the tooth back in [...]

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Myths and Facts About Teeth Whitening

July 11, 2017.Individuals
man hugging woman and smiling

Have you thought about having your teeth whitened? If so, you’re not alone. Americans are increasingly interested in teeth whitening services. According to an American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry survey, most cosmetic dentists say teeth whitening is their most popular procedure.

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10 Tips to Improve Your Smile During National Smile Month

June 27, 2017.Individuals
national smile month

This National Smile Month, we’re here with advice for you to keep your smile healthy. How many of these tips do you already follow? Where could you improve? Follow these tips and challenge yourself to make a change for the better. Your smile will show the difference.

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