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TruAssure Virtual Visits

TruAssure Virtual Visits



Dental emergencies don’t always happen during working hours. That’s why TruAssure is partnering with to offer our members 24/7 access to virtual dental care. TruAssure members can conveniently access this service with a smartphone, tablet or computer with audio/visual capabilities.

Members can use TruAssure Virtual Visits when:


an after-hour
dental issue


a dental emergency
and they don’t have
an established dentist


a dentist consult
without leaving

their home


and need
dental assistance

While Virtual Visits do not replace routine preventive dental checkups —they are a safe and effective way to receive immediate access to a dental professional. In addition to a virtual consultation, a dentist can write prescriptions when appropriate and refer to an in-network dentist if additional treatment is needed. services are included in existing coverage for TruAssure members.