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TruAssure Group COVID-19 FAQs

TruAssure Group COVID-19 FAQs

Below is a list of frequently asked questions and the responses for our groups in regard to their dental plan and members during the COVID-19 pandemic.

What is TruAssure’s policy on furloughed employeesAre they still eligible to be covered on our dental plan?

The client group determines eligibility for members.  If they keep furloughed employees covered, but in a different location like COBRA, then coverage continues.  If they terminate the benefits for the employee, then they are termed, but TruAssure can waive a waiting period if the employee benefits are reinstated later.

Do furloughed employees need to move to a different location in the account structure?

This is ultimately the group’s decision since they send us the eligibility. We would normally expect furloughed or laid off employees to be in COBRA to meet not only our contract guidelines, but also those of ERISA. However, with the current situation, we want to help facilitate client groups keeping benefits for their employees.  At this time, we will allow the group to choose the classification to keep their employees active or move them to COBRA.

Is TruAssure offering “premium holidays” to clients impacted by Covid-19?

We are not offering premium holidays.

Is TruAssure extending grace periods on monthly premiums?

TruAssure is not extending grace periods for receipt of premium payments.

Are there any teledentistry options available?

Yes, TruAssure allows for a limited exam only and members can receive teledentistry services from any dentist. TruAssure also has partnered with to offer an alternative method for TruAssure members who have a dental emergency and don’t have an established dentist or who are experiencing an after-hour dental issue  to access 24/7 virtual dental care. Learn more.

Will there be an issue if in a month from now the majority of the insured employees are in a COBRA, and not active status?

There will be no issue; we will administer the client the same whether employees are sent as active or COBRA.

Are employees who are below the minimum number of hours required eligible for benefits?

Yes. Eligibility is determined by the group, and as a result,  we can waive the 30 hour per week requirement for benefits for existing full-time employees.

Is TruAssure changing dental limits?

We don’t have plans to change any benefit limitations (e.g., annual max, deductible, frequency) at this time.  However, we do have some flexibility to modify eligibility if necessary. For example,  waive waiting periods for returning members.

Does TruAssure intend to give participants an extension on the amount of time they have to submit a claim?

Providers and members have 15 months from treatment date to submit a claim.  We are extremely hopeful that COVID-19 will not delay claim submittals past this standard 15-month filing time.  However, if a member or provider needs an extension on a claim due to this national emergency, we will handle these on appeal as needed.

Is TruAssure allowing any kind of “special enrollment” to all employees to come on the plan?

Yes.  Enrollment additions, but not terminations, due to COVID-19 will be allowed as a qualified life event.

Please contact your TruAssure sales executive or account manager with questions specific to your group. We are here for you during these challenging times.