COVID-19 (Coronavirus): Notices related to COVID-19 for members, groups and brokers – READ MORE.

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TruAssure Member COVID-19 FAQs

TruAssure Member COVID-19 FAQs

Below is a list of frequently asked questions members may have that are specific to using their dental benefits during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Will TruAssure customer service be available and will claims continue to be processed?

Our customer service team will continue to be available to answer any questions and assist our members during this time. Visit our Contact Us page for more information. In addition, any claims we receive will also continue to be processed.

Providing a high level of service to our members, groups and brokers is a top priority, and it will be business as usual in terms of the service we provide you.

Does TruAssure intend to give members an extension on the amount of time they have to submit a claim?

Providers and members have 15 months from treatment date to submit a claim.  We are extremely hopeful that COVID-19 will not delay claim submittals past this standard 15-month filing time.  However, if a member or provider needs an extension on a claim due to this national emergency, we will handle these on appeal as needed.

What extra safety precautions are dental offices taking due to COVID-19?

Dental offices nationwide have always prioritized a sanitary environment and continue to take extra precautions during COVID-19. Here is what to expect when visit your dental office. If you have a dental emergency, contact your dental provider.

Can a dentist charge members for PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) expenses?

Our processing policies do not allow network dentists to bill members for PPE. Non-network dentists are not required to follow these guidelines. If you’d like to find a network dentist, please visit our Find a Provider search.

What may be a dental emergency?

If you have any questions regarding your dental health, call your dentist.  If you do not have a regular dentist, you can search for a network dentist on our website at

Here is some additional guidance on what a dental emergency may be. Call you dentist immediately if you experience:

  • Any type of pain in the mouth that won’t go away and affects regular activities.
  • Uncontrollable bleeding.
  • Any painful swelling.
  • Infected sores in the mouth or on the gums.
  • Any broken fillings, crowns or wires from braces that are causing pain.
  • Complications from a recent dental surgery.
  • A dental injury that knocks out, breaks or chips a tooth and is causing pain.

Are there any teledentistry options available?

Yes, TruAssure allows for a limited exam only and members can receive teledentistry services from any dentist. TruAssure also has partnered with to offer an alternative method for TruAssure members who have a dental emergency and don’t have an established dentist or who are experiencing an after-hour dental issue  to access 24/7 virtual dental care. Learn more.