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Daily Archives: March 26, 2024

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The Harmful Effects of Alcohol and Tobacco

March 26, 2024.Individuals
man drinking and smoking

Most people already know that smoking is a major health risk and excessive alcohol can cause many health problems. But you may not know the other ways they can make an impact – for example, how can drinking and smoking change your physical appearance? How do substances harm your teeth and gums? Are there ways to reduce risk? If you want to maintain or improve your oral and overall health, it’s useful to review the harmful and potentially dangerous effects these habits may have on your smile – then you can use the knowledge as a powerful motivator to break free and embrace a healthier you! Smoking, Drinking, and Your Physical Appearance The unhealthy ingredients and chemicals in tobacco and alcohol products can alter your appearance in ways that you might not guess. Exposure to smoke from tobacco can: Change your collagen levels, leading to loose-looking skin under your eyes […]

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