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Daily Archives: June 26, 2024

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How Sunshine Benefits Your Health

June 26, 2024.Individuals
Woman smiling while drinking water

Most of us enjoy summertime because it’s the perfect season to meet up with family and friends and enjoy all the outdoor activities. But did you know that summer sunshine also offers health benefits, even for your smile? Sunny days aren’t just for fun – they can also improve your emotional, oral, and overall health!   Sunshine can be good for you in many ways! For starters, the vitamin D that sunshine helps your body produce can: Help your body absorb calcium so you can maintain strong teeth and bones. Boost your immune system and help reduce your risk for heart disease. Play a key role in preventing tooth decay and gum disease.   But the good benefits of the great outdoors don’t stop there. In fact, some of the benefits of being outside continue after you’ve gone back inside. For example: Sunlight supports a relaxed mood because it causes […]

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