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Getting to Know TruAssure and Our Plans: A Guide for Brokers

January 17, 2017.TruAssure.0 Likes.0 Comments

Getting to Know TruAssure and Our Plans: A Guide for Brokers

As an insurance broker, you’re probably well-versed in dental insurance. But how well do you know TruAssure?

TruAssure offers dental insurance plans for small and large groups, allowing you the flexibility to provide solutions for businesses of all sizes. Read on to get to know our group plans and better understand the options we offer.


A Closer Look: Small Group Select

Our Small Group Select plans, which are available for groups with two to nine eligible employees, make comprehensive dental coverage an option for even the smallest companies. Small Group Select plans allow groups to choose from a range of deductibles and annual maximums, so they can customize the plans to fit their needs. Groups with five to nine eligible employees can also forgo waiting periods.

Like all TruAssure plans, Small Group Select plans focus on prevention. Your small groups will be happy to see dental services including exams, cleanings, fluoride and sealants covered at 100 percent. These preventive services are key to maintaining good oral health, and by taking advantage of their TruAssure benefits for preventive services, members can limit their need for major dental procedures.

Should members need services that address dental problems, TruAssure’s plans provide coverage for a wide range of dental needs. For groups from two to nine employees, composite fillings are covered at 80 percent, and major services, including dentures, crowns and fixed bridge work, is covered at 50 percent.

TruAssure offers small groups customization, a selling point for many small businesses. For example, small groups can choose between annual maximum options, and have the flexibility to select how periodontic services (gum disease treatment), endodontic services (root canals) and oral surgery are covered, at 50 or 80 percent. For groups with between five and nine eligible employees, orthodontia for both adults and children can be added if desired. 

Quoting these plans is easy with our Small Group Quoting Tool.


Large-Group Customization

For larger groups, TruAssure can customize a plan for each group’s unique needs. This customization includes both fully insured and self-funded options.

When discussing TruAssure options with your large group clients and prospects, you can highlight some of the options TruAssure is known for, such as coverage of highly-desired but rarely-covered dental services such as teeth whitening and orthodontia. These options can be built into large group plans to fit each client’s needs. 

Additionally, you can highlight the benefits of offering a stand-alone dental plan, independent of a health insurance plan. TruAssure dental plans offer richer coverage and lower out-of-pocket costs than a plan that’s “embedded” in a health plan. 


Individual and Family Plans Available for Your Individual Clients

TruAssure also offers individual and family plans for your individual clients who may not have access to an employer-sponsored plan. Our individual and family plans – Max Savings, Choice and Choice Plusinclude options such as three cleanings per year, white fillings on all teeth, teeth whitening, implants, orthodontia and no waiting periods. Learn more.

Enrolling your individual clients is easy. You can go directly to or you can contact sales for a custom URL link unique to you or your agency.


Promoting TruAssure Plans to Your Clients

In our e-book, What Do Dental Insurance Customers Want?, we explore important insights that you can use to educate your clients and prospects about the value of a TruAssure dental plan. In addition, employee wellness programs are a growing trend with the rising cost of healthcare, and wellness initiatives can save individuals and their employers money by preventing costlier health expenses in the future. TruAssure dental insurance is the perfect fit for this focus on wellness and preventive care.

For more on the trends shaping the dental coverage landscape and what they mean for you and your clients, read our ebook, What Do Dental Insurance Customers Want?

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