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What’s next after a visit to the dentist?

August 5, 2022.Brianna Spartz.0 Likes.0 Comments

What’s next after a visit to the dentist?

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After your trip to the dentist, you might wonder what comes next. For some, this waiting period after the appointment can be stressful, with questions about what was covered and possible bills and co-pays. TruAssure is here to help interpret the documents you may receive and explain what you need to know after visiting the dentist.

Depending on your coverage, you might have a co-pay due at the time of the visit. However, others may receive a bill or receipt after your claim has been submitted and processed.

Submitting a claim.

A claim is a form requesting payment sent to your benefits carrier after a visit or procedure. This is done by either you or your dentist based on your dental plan. In-network dental offices typically submit claims for you. However, some members might have to send the form themselves if they seek care from an out-of-network dentist.

Keep it simple with in-network coverage.

TruAssure pays network dentists directly. If using an out-of-network dentist, TruAssure may send claim payments directly to members. Network dentists agree to our fees as payment in full, which means network providers can’t balance bill you. Members may need to pay entire bills up front if seeking care from out-of-network dentists and wait for reimbursement from TruAssure.

Understanding your Explanation of Benefits (EOB)

After you visit the dentist, you will likely receive an EOB from TruAssure. Essentially, an EOB is for your own information and records. It is not a bill. EOBs outline your dentist’s charges for your visit and the procedure(s) performed. In addition, an EOB notes what’s covered by your dental plan and what you may owe the dentist (if you owe anything). For a breakdown of terms and definitions used in an Explanation of Benefits (EOB), click here.

EOBs are an excellent tool for TruAssure members to understand what may be owed after a dental visit, as well as any procedure that will be billed directly to you and the reason for said amount. It is also valuable in understanding the savings from using an in-network dentist. So, the next time you visit the dentist, look for your EOB to arrive afterward.

If you have questions, please contact TruAssure Customer Service at 888-559-0779, Monday-Friday, 7 a.m. – 5 p.m. CST.

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