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Daily Archives: February 17, 2020

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Hearing health connected to a healthy heart

February 17, 2020.Individuals

During American Heart Month, it’s important to know that a healthy cardiovascular system not only contributes to a healthy mouth, it can positively affect a person’s hearing. Proper hearing relies on good blood circulation so that the ear’s cochlea can detect vibrations to send to the brain as sound. Since the inner ear is sensitive to blood flow, it’s possible that cardiovascular abnormalities could be detected initially in the ear.1 Don’t neglect your hearing health. TruAssure partners with Amplifon to ensure healthy hearing for a lifetime. Amplifon’s hearing health discount program is a free benefit to TruAssure members and offers: Free hearing screening Custom hearing solutions Risk-free 60-day trial Hearing aid low price guarantee Read more about the connection between hearing loss and cardiovascular disease and take a free hearing quiz, too.   1

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