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8 Ways to Celebrate National Smile Month

June 4, 2021.TruAssure.0 Likes.0 Comments

8 Ways to Celebrate National Smile Month

woman in sunglasses smiling outside

Smiling is a natural pick-me-up. Really! When you smile, endorphins are released that boost your mood and reduce your stress. Here’s a list of tips to keep your oral health on track during National Smile Month this June.

  1. Brush up on the facts. Brushing your teeth twice a day may seem like a no-brainer, but do you know why it’s so important? Plaque can build up on your teeth throughout the day and during the night, causing damage and decay if not properly removed. Counteract this buildup with a pea-sized amount of fluoride toothpaste as you brush in the morning and before bed.
  2. Find your favorite way to floss. Food particles can get caught between teeth and cause gum inflammation and tooth decay. Do your part to maintain a healthy smile and use dental floss or a water flosser to help keep your mouth free of plaque.
  3. Send bad breath packing. It’s easy to forget that your tongue needs care, too, but it’s actually a common place for plaque buildup, which causes bad breath. Gently brush your tongue after you brush your teeth to help remove any bacteria.
  4. Limit alcohol and avoid tobacco. Drinking and smoking can have serious effects on your oral health and increase your risk of oral cancer. Avoiding excessive amounts of alcohol and saying no to marijuana and all forms of tobacco, including vaping, can help save your smile.
  5. Wear a mouth guard. Sports can be tough on your smile. Protect your teeth and mouth and wear a mouth guard anytime you’re playing contact sports.
  6. Drink plenty of H2O. Hydration during warmer months is especially important. Fluoridated water helps strengthen teeth and prevent cavities. Plus, it’s a better alternative to sugary drinks, like juice, soda or sports drinks, which can cause cavities due to high sugar content.
  7. Pick in-season produce. Summer is a great time to fill up on nutrient-rich foods, such as fresh fruit and vegetables. Whether you grow them in your garden or select them from your local grocery store, these foods help keep teeth and gums healthy with an array of essential vitamins and minerals.
  8. Schedule a dental visit. In addition to good at-home oral health care, regular dental visits help maintain your smile. Your dentist can detect early signs of diseases stemming from the mouth and other parts of the body. TruAssure individual and family plans cover three dental cleanings per year, more than the standard two, so schedule your next visit today!

A healthy smile is a happier you, so take care of it with a simple daily routine. Preventive care is key to maintaining good oral health. Talk to your dentist to learn more smile-friendly tips.


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