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The Harmful Effects of Alcohol and Tobacco

March 26, 2024.Individuals
man drinking and smoking

Most people already know that smoking is a major health risk and excessive alcohol can cause many health problems. But you may not know the other ways they can make an impact – for example, how can drinking and smoking change your physical appearance? How do substances harm your teeth and gums? Are there ways to reduce risk? If you want to maintain or improve your oral and overall health, it’s useful to review the harmful and potentially dangerous effects these habits may have on your smile – then you can use the knowledge as a powerful motivator to break free and embrace a healthier you! Smoking, Drinking, and Your Physical Appearance The unhealthy ingredients and chemicals in tobacco and alcohol products can alter your appearance in ways that you might not guess. Exposure to smoke from tobacco can: Change your collagen levels, leading to loose-looking skin under your eyes […]

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Travel Tips for Your Teeth

March 5, 2024.Individuals
Couple eating at airport

Whether you’re exploring someplace new or revisiting a favorite spot, vacation is the perfect time to kick back and forget about your day-to-day responsibilities. Just make sure you don’t forget your good oral health habits! Caring for your teeth and gums while traveling seems simple enough. However, changes to your schedule and the convenience of packaged snacks and fast food can make it difficult to take care of your smile. A little planning can help you keep your mouth and teeth in tip-top shape. Follow these easy tips to maintain your oral health wherever you go! Pack smile-friendly travel snacks It’s tempting to indulge in salty or sugary snacks, especially during layovers or long car rides. An easy way to travel healthier is to choose fresh fruits and vegetables! They keep well and give you more energy because they provide nutrition instead of empty calories. If you’re wondering which nutritious […]

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The Not-So-Sweet Impact of Sugar on Your Oral & Overall Health

February 2, 2024.Individuals
couple holding heart-shaped balloons

Valentine’s Day is a time to be sweet to those you love, whether that means your significant other, your friends, or your family. But there are a few not-so-sweet drawbacks to the love-filled holiday, and that’s the oral and overall health risks of some traditional Valentine’s Day treats. Candy conversation hearts, red velvet cheesecake, and chocolate martinis are all associated with celebration, but they’re also loaded with excess sugar. This matters because consuming too much sugar too often can contribute to: Plaque and tartar buildup Tooth decay Gum disease Overall health problems such as diabetes and heart disease Luckily, there are plenty of ways to limit sugar without losing the romance. Let’s review some oral and overall health risks and how you can avoid them. Sugar’s Impact on Your Oral Health The oral health impact of sugar can last long after the taste. That’s because sugar from candies, sodas, carbohydrates, […]

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Achieve Your Oral Health Goals in 2024

December 22, 2023.Individuals
woman brushing her teeth

A new year can be a blank slate – the perfect time to take stock of your current day-to-day and map out future plans. What goals or hopes do you have related to your career, friends and family, fitness, and oral health over the next 12 months? What you choose is up to you – from volunteering or getting better sleep to eating healthier or saving more money, a resolution can be about any trait you want to improve. However, it’s important to think about how to reach those goals as well. Studies show that 80% of New Year resolutions fall short – but they don’t have to! Instead, try these time-tested goal-setting techniques and help your resolutions flourish. New Year, New Goals, New You! By thinking through your resolution in advance, you can make it more concrete and achievable. Use the thought-starters below as you decide how to approach […]

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Discover the Perks of Healthy Holiday Shopping

November 20, 2023.Individuals
Family celebrating

The end of the year is full of holiday cheer, but it can also feel a little hectic. Wrapping up year-end to-do lists during the holiday swing isn’t always easy! But it’s important to stay focused on your oral and overall health. While that means caring for yourself, it also means considering the special people in your life with oral health-related presents. After all, a healthy smile is a gift that keeps on giving! TruAssure members can save money on holiday shopping with TruPerks: Savings on electronics, entertainment, travel, and other gifts with the LifeMart Member Discount Program. Exclusive deals on Philips Sonicare products including electric toothbrushes, water flossers, and more. Smile-Worthy Presents for Any Age   Is there someone on your list who has you stumped? No matter who they are, you can find a little gift-giving inspiration in the list below! For Kids: Making Oral Hygiene Fun These […]

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