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Understanding Pre-Treatment Estimates

September 15, 2020.TruAssure.0 Likes.0 Comments

Understanding Pre-Treatment Estimates

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When planning for any dental treatment, it’s important to know the costs involved – understanding what is covered by your dental provider and the difference for which you will be financially responsible. A pre-treatment estimate is a free service that TruAssure provides to its members which details an approximate idea of how much a procedure will cost before it’s performed. This can help you and your dentist make a better-informed decision about your treatment options.

How to Obtain a Pre-Treatment Estimate

Getting a pre-estimate is easy. The process starts with contacting your dentist, who will then submit a proposed treatment plan and supporting X-rays and documents to your insurance provider. Once the documents and benefits are reviewed, you’ll receive an estimate which outlines your out-of-pocket costs. The estimate is based on the type of dental plan you have, your eligibility and current plan benefits and the amount remaining in your annual maximum.

Keep in mind, a pre-treatment estimate is not a guarantee of total costs and it may not include any additional coverage that may apply. Estimates are normally returned in a matter of days, but more complex treatments can take longer for your insurance provider to prepare.

Pre-Treatment Estimate Benefits

Pre-treatment estimates are especially beneficial when budgeting more extensive treatments, such as crowns, wisdom tooth extractions, bridges, dentures or periodontal surgery. They can also help determine how you and your dentist decide to proceed with a treatment. Based on what your dental plan covers, your dentist may be able to recommend alternate treatments that will better fit your budget.

The next time you need a dental procedure, enjoy peace of mind by requesting a free pre-treatment estimate. Talk with your dentist at your next appointment to learn more.


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