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The Top Reasons TruAssure is Truly the Best for Your Group

April 25, 2017.TruAssure.0 Likes.0 Comments

The Top Reasons TruAssure is Truly the Best for Your Group

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Providing benefits for your employees helps you attract and retain the best talent, and choosing the right benefits are an important part of managing and growing your business. As you’re considering what to offer as part of your benefits package, dental insurance should be at the top of your list, and so should TruAssure.

According to the National Association of Dental Plans (NADP), 64 percent of people feel that it’s very important that their employer provides dental coverage. Additionally, providing benefits like dental insurance is a significant factor in talent recruitment and retention. A recent study of U.S. workers showed 88 percent would consider a lower-paying position with benefits, including dental, over a higher-paying position that doesn’t provide them. According to the same study, only 20 percent said company perks like an onsite gym would make them consider the lower-paying job.

With the case for providing dental benefits clear, it’s important to choose a dental insurance carrier, like TruAssure, that meets your employees’ needs while providing options for you with your bottom line in mind. Read on to learn more about why TruAssure is the best option for your group.

TruAssure provides better standard plans with the flexibility employers need

At TruAssure, we’ve designed plans that take preventive care a step further, while also providing options to cover additional services employees want.

All of our individual and Select plans for employer groups with two to nine employees offer standard coverage for three cleanings per year, whereas most carriers only cover two. They also cover white fillings for all teeth, while many other plans only cover amalgam (silver-colored) fillings for back teeth.

Employer groups with two to nine eligible employees get the benefit of pooled rates and the flexibility to choose among a range of options. These options include choosing between deductibles and maximum amounts, shifting the out-of-network reimbursement to PPO fees (changing to a MAC plan) and moving certain services from major to basic coverage. Groups of five to nine also have the option of waiving waiting periods and adding coverage for orthodontia for both children and adults.

For groups of 10 or more, we can match plan designs or customize a dental plan that best meets your company’s needs.

This flexibility ensures you have the best dental insurance for your employees and your company. For more information, read our past blog, “What Makes TruAssure Insurance Company’s Plans Different?”

You’ll experience hassle-free administration and high-touch service

When enrolling in a TruAssure plan, we make administration for groups as easy as possible so you can focus on managing your business. You have the same TruAssure contact from initial sale through implementation and ongoing administration. This trusted partner is your primary contact to get you the answers you need. Plus, we offer single-site administration with all of our administrative services – customer service, claims processing, underwriting, billing, IT and sales support – housed in our Naperville, Illinois headquarters. This means we are not only proactive with your account administration, but also can respond quickly to resolve any issues or answer your questions.

Our web tools make it easy for you and your employees. Your employees can access their benefit and claim information, ID cards and dentist directories online anytime at You can manage eligibility and access key forms online as well. Of course, your employees can always contact our Customer Service department and you can contact us directly.

We also send you a welcome kit with key company contact information, plan highlight sheets and “how to” guides, and we develop welcome kits for your covered employees with information about their plan and how to use it. And we offer oral health resources for you to use with your employees to help promote and support your plan.

Are you ready to get started providing affordable, flexible dental insurance for your company? Contact your broker or TruAssure to learn more. For additional information on employees’ benefits preferences, you can also download our e-book, “What Your Employees Want Out of Dental Insurance.”

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