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Dental Benefits Help Improve Companies in Many Ways

June 1, 2018.TruAssure.0 Likes.0 Comments

Dental Benefits Help Improve Companies in Many Ways

As companies compete for the best talent, a great benefits package can make the difference between standing out from competitors and getting lost in the crowd. For current employees, better benefits can strengthen wellness programs and improve overall employee health. Dental insurance is one area in which companies can enhance their offerings.

Better benefits improve hiring, retention

Benefits are the third most important contributor to employee happiness, according to the Society for Human Resources Management’s (SHRM) 2018 report, “Employee Benefits, The Evolution of Benefits.” But while 92 percent of employees rank benefits as “very important” to their job satisfaction, only 29 percent report being “very satisfied” with the benefits they have.

That gap reveals an enormous growth opportunity for businesses to improve their benefits. In turn, benefit improvements will help companies draw in prospective employees and hold on to top performers. Thirty-two percent of employees say that benefits are a reason to stay in their current job or leave it for another. Consider that along with another statistic: 66 percent of employees who receive dental insurance through their employer rate this benefit as “very important,” according to a survey by the National Association of Dental Plans (NADP).

“Dental benefits are an area where employers can improve their overall compensation package in order to stand out to potential employees and maintain value in the eyes of their current team members,” said Karyn Glogowski, senior vice president, enterprise sales and business development of TruAssure. “Employees expect dental benefits, and are looking for dental coverage that goes beyond basic cleanings. TruAssure provides companies with flexible and comprehensive dental plans to meet employee needs.”

Oral health impacts employees’ overall health

Employee health is key to productivity and morale. Dental care impacts not just oral health but overall health, making it an important part of employees’ preventive care regimens.

During regular exams, dentists can identify symptoms of more than 120 diseases, including anemia, diabetes, kidney failure and heart disease. When these health concerns are caught early, treatment can begin and outcomes are improved. That makes dental visits a first line of defense against life-altering diseases, keeping your employees healthy and happy. Catching and treating health conditions early not only reduces dental care costs, but it can reduce overall medical costs for both employers and their employees. In addition, healthy employees are more likely to be working, benefiting your bottom line.

Dental fits with employee wellness programs

SHRM has found that 70 percent of U.S. employers offer wellness programs for their employees. It’s no longer enough to offer a wellness program: employers need to find ways to distinguish themselves to attract and keep top talent.

TruAssure can match plan designs or customize a dental plan for groups with 10 or more employees.

If you are ready to start providing affordable, flexible dental insurance for your company, contact your broker or TruAssure to learn more. For additional information on employees’ benefits preferences, you can also download our e-book, “What Your Employees Want Out of Dental Insurance.”

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