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Dental Benefits Help Improve Companies in Many Ways

June 1, 2018.Brokers.#dental insurance

As companies compete for the best talent, a great benefits package can make the difference between standing out from competitors and getting lost in the crowd. For current employees, better benefits can strengthen wellness programs and improve overall employee health. Dental insurance is one area in which companies can enhance their offerings. Better benefits improve hiring, retention Benefits are the third most important contributor to employee happiness, according to the Society for Human Resources Management’s (SHRM) 2016 report, “Employee Job Satisfaction and Engagement: Revitalizing a Changing Workforce.” But while 60 percent of employees rank benefits as “very important” to their job satisfaction, only 27 percent report being “very satisfied” with the benefits they have. That gap reveals an enormous growth opportunity for businesses to improve their benefits. In turn, benefit improvements will help companies draw in prospective employees and hold on to top performers. Thirty percent of employees say that […]

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Healthy Smiles at Every Age

May 7, 2018.Individuals.#avoid tobacco

In previous years, tooth loss and wearing dentures were considered to be just another step in the aging process of older Americans. This way of thinking about oral health in older adults has come and gone. Oral health has greatly improved for older Americans over the past 50 years, and more adults are keeping their natural teeth.1 With regular good oral health care, older adults can maintain a healthy smile throughout their entire lifetime. Share these oral health tips with the older adults in your life to help keep their smiles healthy: Maintain good oral health habits. Brushing for two minutes twice a day, flossing once daily and visiting the dentist regularly are all crucial to maintaining good oral health. Fight dry mouth. Certain medications and medical conditions can reduce saliva and lead to dry mouth. The anti-bacterial properties in saliva help protect against tooth decay and cavities. To help […]

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Pregnancy and Oral Health

May 2, 2018.Individuals.#babies

Most pregnant women recognize how important their own health is for their baby’s health, but many ignore a critical component – their oral health. Just like the rest of the body, a woman’s mouth experiences changes during her pregnancy that require the guidance of an oral health professional. Dentists can help keep a woman and her baby healthy. A dental check-up in the first trimester of pregnancy is an important chance for an oral health professional to clean and examine an expectant mother’s mouth, and identify any concerns that need to be addressed related to their health or the health of their baby. During pregnancy, women may experience the following conditions that directly impact oral health. Morning sickness. Around 80 percent of pregnant women experience morning sickness. This can affect an expectant mother’s oral health as stomach acid erodes tooth enamel and can lead to tooth decay. Gingivitis. Hormonal changes […]

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Stress and Oral Health

April 16, 2018.Individuals.#de-stress

April can be a stressful time as Tax Day quickly approaches. Studies show that stress not only harms your overall health, but it can harm your oral health as well. Reducing stress is important to maintaining a healthy smile and good oral health. Stress has been shown to contribute to the following oral health conditions: Bruxism (teeth grinding) Dry mouth Canker sores Tooth decay Gum disease Here are some good ways to help keep your whole mouth healthy, while you work to lower your stress levels. Talk to your dentist if you wake up with headaches or experience frequent jaw pain. You may clench or grind your teeth during your sleep. Your dentist may recommend the use of a night guard to help protect your teeth from breaking, chipping or being worn down. Stay on track with your oral health routine. Always brush two times each day for two minutes, […]

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Fillings 101 – Everything You Need to Know

April 10, 2018.Individuals.#amalgams

Fillings are a restorative dental procedure used to treat tooth decay and repair cracked or broken teeth as well as prevent further damage. According to the CDC National Center for Health Statistics, 91 percent of adults have experienced tooth decay.1  Many people have had a filling by the time they enter adulthood and are likely to continue to need or replace fillings throughout their lifetime. If you need a filling, there are many factors you should consider and discuss with your dentist. Types of Fillings When you receive a filling, the dentist first numbs the tooth and surrounding area before he or she removes the decayed part of the tooth.  The dentist then fills the cavity with either an amalgam filling or a composite filling. An amalgam filling is silver in color and made from a combination of different metals including silver, mercury, tin and copper.  Although amalgam contains mercury, […]

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