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Understanding Your Dental Benefits with TruAssure

March 1, 2022.TruAssure.0 Likes.0 Comments

Understanding Your Dental Benefits with TruAssure

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Dental plan terminology can be confusing. You might have heard the terms listed before but maybe aren’t sure what they mean. This could lead to misunderstanding what your dental plan covers. We’re here to help you brush up on your dental benefits knowledge to ensure you make the most of your dental coverage!


A deductible is the amount of money you pay toward your dental care before TruAssure contributes. Deductibles can be annual or lifetime depending on your plan, and there can be different ones for individuals and covered dependents (family). Deductibles can apply to certain services or an entire plan. The specific deductible you or your family is responsible for depends on your dental plan.

Annual Maximum

An annual maximum is the total amount your TruAssure plan will pay toward the cost of your care per year. Annual maximums can range from $1,000 to $5,000 depending on your dental plan. Once an annual maximum is met, the member is responsible for the full cost of any additional treatments. If you use a network provider, you only pay up to the TruAssure allowed amount.


With dental coverage, you share the costs of your dental care with your benefits carrier. Coinsurance is the percentage of dental treatment costs for which you are responsible.

For example, TruAssure may cover 80% of the cost of a certain procedure, while you would be responsible for the remaining 20%. You pay coinsurance even after a deductible is reached. Just like your deductible, your dental plan determines coinsurance costs.

Ways to maximize dental coverage

Keeping up with routine dental visits is a great way to maximize your dental coverage. Early detection of potential oral health issues is key, plus dentists can also detect symptoms of more than 120 diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and oral cancer. That’s why TruAssure plans focus on prevention and cover exams, cleanings, and X-rays.

Choosing an in-network dentist helps make the most of your coverage. With TruAssure, members receive access to an extensive nationwide dental network which can save between 20-40% on dental treatments.

Think about timing when scheduling costly procedures

While some major dental treatments may not be covered by all plans, it’s important to note that dental plan benefits, such as your annual maximum, start over every calendar year or plan year. Remember to check with your dental carrier to see what is covered by your dental plan before scheduling any major dental work. You can also inquire about a pre-treatment estimate.

A pre-treatment estimate is a free service that TruAssure provides to its members and details an approximate idea of how much a procedure will cost before it’s performed. Your dentist submits the treatment plan and requests a pre-treatment estimate. This can help you understand how much you may have to pay toward your dental treatment.

Get the most out of your dental benefits this year by scheduling a visit with your dentist. It will help you maintain a healthy smile, have better overall health and keep more money in your wallet.



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